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Feb 08, 2020 How many people can watch Hulu at Once? - CKAB Dec 26, 2019 How Many People Can Watch Hulu | No. of Hulu Screens? Yes, you can watch Hulu Live on two screens simultaneously while Hulu is limited to one stream. This is how we were watching on our mobile and laptop. 2 Screens on Hulu Live However, as we attempted to watch Hulu on a third device, a warning popped up saying “too many streams in operation”.

With an upgraded plan, you can use Hulu on multiple devices with multiple streams simultaneously. When you have a standard Hulu plan, you are allowed to stream only on one device. However, there are a few customers who have said that they tried watching movies on two devices at the same time and they succeeded in that.

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Jul 01, 2019

How Many People Can Watch Hulu at Once – Multiple Users This, however, can only be done on one device at a time. The Live TV plan. This enables you watch Hulu on two devices at once. It, however, is limited to just two devices. The Unlimited Access Add-On. Just like its name states, it can be used to stream Hulu on as many devices as you deem fit. Can you watch Hulu on multiple devices? - Quora On multiple devices, yes. On more than one device at a time, no. The exception is a Hulu with Live TV account, that allows you to watch on two devices at once. They also offer an account add-on that allows for unlimited simultaneous screens for an extra fee. How Many Devices can you Stream Hulu on Simultaneously Apr 18, 2019 How Many People Can Watch Hulu At Once? [Updated 2020]