Safaricom generally has the most standardly consistent network coverage, if I'm using my netbook away from home I use my Safaricom up to 7 mbps dongle (it's high speed 21 mbps service is not available here, don't know about Nakuru) as I can get a decent service in most places. However Safaricom stopped its unlimited bundles last year.

Which is the cheapest internet service provider in Kenya? It advisable to check if the internet service provider offers extra services that can potentially subsidize the subscription costs. Firstly, check if the ISP cover phone, Television and internet services because this is a good way to save more and lower your expenses, while accessing your services reliably. Best internet service providers in Kenya Nov 21, 2019

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Best internet service providers in Kenya

List Of Top Internet Service Providers In Kenya In Home Nov 06, 2016 Internet Accessibility in Kenya Rant! - YouTube Aug 31, 2017 Train Hard, Win Easy: Running on the Periphery in Rural I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to those few who made my ISP logistically possible: to my dear AD Oduch Pido and his wife Donna, for introducing me to Kenya, for supporting my ideas and setting up arenas to discuss them, and for helping me to check the feasibility of my ambitions; to my indispensable AD Jamal Omar, who helped me to List of Internet providers in Kenya | My Blog