I can not delete the past searched that i have made before in the libraries or document folder. Once I click the icon right next to the start button, it opens up my library folder. In here there is a text box that i can search through my library to find what i need.

How to delete browsing history on Chrome | Guide for 2019-2-27 · If you wish to only delete browsing history from the device you are using, then you need to sign out of Chrome on that device first. Desktop. The instructions are identical for Windows, macOS, Chrome OS (Chromebook), and Linux. They are also the … How to Delete and Disable Search History in Windows 8 Step 3: To disable the search history tracker, toggle the Let Windows save my searches as future search suggestions settings from on to off. When you disable the history tracker, the Delete How to delete search history on phone - Delete Browsing Why delete the search history on your phone. Although there are many benefits to keeping your search history such as being able to quickly go back to a page you viewed previously, there are sometime where you simply don’t want a url you visited to be saved in your search or page history.

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How to delete google search history: Gradually, many people are getting more conscious about the security of their personal information shared online. Many consumers are looking forward to limit their online activities to take preventive measures to secure their personal information. delete search history - Delete History Free, Clean Space delete search history Downloads at Download That. Delete History Free is powerful yet easy-to-use delete history freeware for Windows that provides an easy way to delete Internet history …