Enable/Disable drivers in one click using DevCon + Batch

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Using DevCon.exe to enable/disable hardware devices I ended up using DevCon.exe, a command-line tool for managing Windows devices, in a batch script that called DevCon to disable devices by hardware ID. I got the hardware ID by using Microsoft ConfigMgr (SCCM) and using Hardware Explorer to look at the hardware that SCCM had inventoried on each machine, then search by "touchscreen" and "pen". How to Repair Devcon.exe (Free Download) Devcon.exe is considered a type of Windows Setup API file. It is most-commonly used in Windows (R) Win 7 DDK driver developed by Steganos Software. It uses the EXE file extension and is considered a Win32 EXE (Dynamic link library) file. The first version of devcon.exe for Paragon Backup & Recovery was seen

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Can you do a search of the PC and find C:\Windows\devcon.exe Everywhere I look this is a safe file, but one says it can be Trojan-Dropper.Delf This is possibly a False positive . To begin, you’ll need to download devcon.exe and then extract it on your C: drive root. Open the Command Prompt and go to the directory C:devconi386 for 32 bit and C:devconia64 for 64bit. Below, I will give you a series of commands that you’re going to have to execute for each of the Miniports you uninstalled before. For over 50 years, ITW Devcon® has been developing industrial grade O.E.M. and M.R.O. products with Plastic Steel® as its first introduction. Since then, ITW Devcon® has developed many well-known O.E.M. and M.R.O. products including 5 Minute®, 2 Ton® and Plastic Welder™ to name a few. @chuck213 wrote:. Hello! I recently was able to fix my HP Stream 8 after two years of leaving it untouched since it was broken. Now, I have a new problem I am facing with this tablet and that is that I cannot install this touchscreen driver known as "Goodix Touch Controller Driver". devcon.exe disable "@" In your case: devcon.exe disable "@ACPI\SYN1ECA\4&22077A96&0" If this also doesn't work you should use the remove command. remove works almost always, but the device will be back after you restart the system. devcon.exe remove "@" go to devcon.exe folder. 3.cd C:\Tools. 4.Install the certificate named as 'package', right click, install. 5.open command prompt as administrator. devcon.exe install C:\Users\WDKRemoteUser\Desktop\Debug\tablet\tabletaudiosample.inf *ROOT\sysvad_TabletAudioSample Device node created. Install is complete when drivers are installed