If you'veset up a single login for multiple Instagram accounts, you can remove any of these accounts at any time. To remove an account you've linked to a single login: Go to your profile, then tap.

Does deleting the Instagram app on your phone also delete Even if you delete the Instagram application or Uninstall it from your phone, your account will not get deleted. If you logged in after months or years, you account will stay intact. People will be able to interact with your account like tagging y How to Delete Instagram Account on PC, Android & iOS? Delete Instagram Account on PC. Well! There are two different ways to perform this action. We will discuss here both of them for your convenience. Method # 1 Open your account by visiting the Instagram homepage. Click Here to visit Instagram Help Center.

Tap on “Instagram” Tap on “Delete App” Confirm that you want to remove Instagram by tapping “Delete App” Now open the App Store on the iPhone; Locate the “Instagram” app (using Search or otherwise) and download it again; Once you redownload and install Instagram again, you’ll need to log back into the Instagram account.

How to Delete Instagram Account from iPhone [Instagram Jul 23, 2019

How To Delete an Instagram Account from your Android Device

Jun 15, 2020 · How to delete Instagram Credit: Instagram. Step 4: Your Instagram account is now deleted. Congratulations! You're officially, permanently off the database. Instagram tricks and tips. If you're Jun 14, 2019 · If you don't know How To Remove Instagram Account From Phone so this Instagram video tutorial is specially for you. which helps you To Remove Instagram Account From Phone.